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This is ellenscult's other journal. It's for posting (and reading and beta-ing) fanfic. I've been a technical writer since 1999 and typos bother me, but I keep that shit to myself unless you explicitly ask for your stuff to be proofread. For me, if you spot typos or other errors, please feel free to point them out - helpful feedback is always welcome.

You're welcome to subscribe to this journal, add it to your circle, or whatever, but be aware that I may not reciprocate.

If you were looking for the_proofreader on, yes, this is the same journal, imported into because LJ is now subject to Russian laws, which are so very, very wrong about LGBTQ issues and automatically put me on the wrong side of their wrong, wrong, wrong laws. Since I can't and won't support a site which even tacitly supports those incredibly wrong and horribly bigoted laws, I have parted ways with LJ and deleted my accounts.
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